our mission

We (re)connect communities through radical coffee. In doing so, we provide the platform for you - our consumers - to make the world a better place. Your superpower is your purchasing power. Let’s use it for good.

At the Radical Coffee Project, there are two “communities”:

  1. You - our consumers.

  2. The coffee farmers we source coffee from - our producers.


We are building a platform for positive change by reinventing the consumer-producer relationship. Our goal is to (re)connect consumers and producers through “radical” coffee…or as we think of it, a transparent and fair business transaction. We believe our actions should be a force for good, not the other way around.

We know you want to be a better consumer, person, and citizen of the world. We make it easy. Changing where you get your coffee can empower communities. Let’s do business better. Let’s get “radical”.


Our work

We don’t talk about wanting to do the right thing, we actually do it. Below is how we accomplish our mission of connecting the consumer and producer through radical coffee.

Market access & fair wages

We source directly from a small group of coffee farmers at Santiago Chacaya on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. In working directly with farmers, we eliminate intermediaries and pay our farmers more than double the local price per pound of coffee. We believe those growing, harvesting, and processing the coffee deserve to keep the economic value of their work, not middlemen. And we’re sure you do too.

HONESTY & Transparency

We buy our coffee straight from a small group of farmers at Santiago Chacaya , roast it using an antique, wood-fired roaster in Lansing, Michigan, and then sell it directly to you. It’s that simple.

As a customer, you ought to know how your coffee was grown, who grew it, and how it got to you. We strive to share the culture and stories of our farmers along with how we operate at Radical Coffee so you can feel connected to the coffee you purchase.


Human potential is limitless. But access to credit is not. All proceeds from our coffee help fund small, interest-free loans to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in impoverished regions of the world who have limited access to capital. Each purchase you make funds opportunity.

Read more about micro-lending here.


Respecting the future viability of the natural world is paramount to us. That is why our bags are compostable and zero-waste and our promotional materials are 100% recycled. Additionally, our partners at Santiago Chacaya use chemical-free fertilizers to grow their coffee. Not only does this produce a higher quality coffee, but it helps protect the surrounding Lake Atitlan ecosystem.


our values

At the core of what we do is the “radical” idea of getting back to the basics of business. For us, this means:


» You - the consumer - know where your product comes from, how it is made, and who made it.


» We actively support, engage, and empower the communities we live, work, and do business in.


» Coffee farmers - the producers - are not exploited by middlemen and unethical supply chains.


» Our business actions do not endanger the future viability of the natural world around us.


sound radical? To us, its just how we do business.

Curious about how we started the Radical Coffee Project?