#5 - Lending in Michigan

September 20, 2019

While we have been lending in Guatemala for years, we are excited to work with Kiva Detroit to support entrepreneurs in our home state of Michigan with small, interest-free loans. As previously mentioned, all proceeds from coffee sales are used to fund interest-free micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs. The intent is to foster positive economic and social development by unlocking human potential.

As a business, we feel we should support the communities we live, work, and do business in. That’s why we lend both in Guatemala and, now, here in our backyard. And when we mean support, we mean long term human investment. Lack of access to capital is an issue across the world, especially if you are in an underserved population and/or live in a distressed community. Extending interest-free micro-loans is a tool that can catalyze sustainable growth in communities as it provides critical financing to disadvantaged populations unable to receive financing through traditional channels. It is not a hand out, but a hand up. 

At the end of the day, we are all in this together. When you buy a bag of Radical, you are supporting dreams in Guatemala AND here in Michigan. Make your purchasing power count. Join us and (re)connect.

PS: You can follow our lending activity in Michigan here. Considering we work directly with entrepreneurs in Guatemala, we will be sure to update you on projects we fund!

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