#1 - How We Started

March 12, 2019

How did we get here you ask?

Looking back and trying to identify an event, individual, or experience that lead to the creation of something can be difficult. However, you could say the Radical Coffee Project began by extending zero-interest micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in impoverished communities throughout the world. A mouthful, yes, but it’s true.

Selling coffee was not part of the equation until we visited a few of these micro-loan recipients and partners on-site in Guatemala during December of 2018. While meeting with our borrowers in-person, we had the pleasure of being introduced to the coffee farmers at Santiago Chacaya on Lake Atitlan.

While visiting their farm, we learned of the insurmountable challenges small coffee farmers in Guatemala face: access to market and receiving a fair price for their coffee was at the forefront of those challenges. It was during these conversations that the idea for the Radical Coffee Project was sparked. We realized we were in a position to support this community of farmers by purchasing their coffee at a fair price, selling it in the United States, and then using the profits to fund future micro-loan projects in the area. Ten months later, we launched the Radical Coffee Project and haven’t looked back.

We started the Radical Coffee Project as a way to reconnect communities and rethink how business is done. Join us. We’d love to have you!

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