how it all started

We started in 2009 by extending zero-interest micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in impoverished communities throughout the world. Selling coffee was not part of the equation until we visited micro-loan recipients and partners on-site in Guatemala in January 2018. While meeting with our borrowers in-person, we had the chance to visit with the coffee farmers at Santiago Chacaya on Lake Atitlan.

There, we learned of the insurmountable challenges small coffee farmers in Guatemala face: access to market and getting a fair price for their coffee. It was during these conversations the idea for the Radical Coffee Project was sparked. We realized we were in a position to support this community of farmers by purchasing their coffee at a fair price, selling it in the United States, and then using the profits to fund future micro-loan projects in the area. Ten months later, we launched the Radical Coffee Project and haven’t looked back.

We started the Radical Coffee Project as a way to connect communities and rethink how business is done. Join us.

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