about our beans

where is the coffee from?

We source our coffee from the farmers at Santiago Chacaya, an association of nearly 50 interdependent coffee farmers on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We are humbled to work with these farmers and share their specialty coffee, story and culture with you.


What type of coffee is it?

The raw coffee we purchase from our farmers are heirloom Arabica varietals, and consist of a blend of the tipica, bourbon, and catuai varietals.


How is the coffee roasted?

We partner with Rust Belt Roastery, a radically awesome roaster in Old Town Lansing, Michigan to roast our beans. By using an antique wood-fired roaster, Rust Belt takes our medium roast coffee to another level by providing an unmatched taste profile compared to more commonly-used electric roasters.


How is the coffee grown?

The coffee from Santiago Chacaya is shade grown on the banks of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala at an elevation of 5,200 ft. This ranks in the top 10% of coffee grown worldwide in terms of elevation. Farmed on small lots, the coffee is grown without the use of chemicals, handpicked, and washed before shipment to us in Michigan.


What does the coffee taste like?

We describe Radical Coffee as bright, balanced, and full-bodied. Not overwhelming and over-the-top, but far from boring. It is your go-to cop of coffee and everyone can find something they love about it.


Is it whole bean or ground coffee?

At the moment, we only sell whole bean coffee. Why? Once you grind your coffee, the freshness clock starts ticking. In order to keep things as fresh (and good tasting) as possible, we sell whole bean coffee.


Radical coffee


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our locations

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